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 James Campbell accomplished all he wanted to in the Automotive Industry and wanted to do something new and exciting that would serve the local area using his technical and managerial customer service background.

Campbell has worked in automotive  for a manufacturer in Detroit, a technician, parts manager, service manager, general manager, business consultant, and private business owner.  Even with this experience, Campbell wanted more.

Campbell stated “I want to live in the Seward County area and serve the area like my father, grandfathers, and great grandfather did.”  James’ father owned and operated Campbell Cleaning and Restoration.  Both Grandfathers worked in Seward and his Great grandfather owned and operated Campbell’s Seed House (now Bottle Rocket Brewery). James’ great grandfather was also mayor of Seward.  Campbell felt compelled to come back to Seward.

After researching business needs of Seward County, the Appliance Repair business kept coming up. Campbell stated “I have the technical experience and a majority of the tools.” After attending a specialized school for Appliance Repair in Texas, Campbell is ready to apply his vast experience in technical problem solving, logistical applications and customer service to the citizens of Seward County. Campbell is opening his business, “Appliance Medic” September 1. (2021)

 Campbell is very excited to be a part of Seward County business community. It feels good to get back to my “roots”.

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